Class of ’72 Reunion News

Here are the details/contacts for the Class of ’72 Reunion set for July 18-19:


“The Rock Island High School Class of ’72 – 45th Reunion will be held at the Holiday Inn (former Sheraton), 226 17th Street, Rock Island, IL, on Saturday, August 19, 2017, from 6pm to midnight.  The event is a mixer with Hors d’oeuvres, light food, snacks and kegs provided.  A cash bar will be available for mixed drinks.  Ticket price is $15.00/person.  Please send your check ($15.00/person) to:  Doug Humphrey, 305 12th Avenue West, Milan, IL  61264-3041.  Checks should be made payable to:  Rock Island High School Class of ’72-45th Reunion.  Please provide your name, address, telephone number and email address so we can contact you for future class reunions.  If you have any questions/contact information update please email Doug Humphrey at or call (309) 373-5441.”

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Changes Coming

Changes are underway to improve the appearance and functionality of this site.  Please be patient as we work out the details.  Rick

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Booster Club Raffle November 5, 2016

The newly expanded Rock-n-Raffle will move to a new location due to its success last year.  See below for details and thanks in advance for supporting District 41 students and teachers through your generosity.

Go Rocks!


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Paint up/Fix up the “Girls’ Gym” 3/28/15

A late posting but a number of dedicated Rocky Alums will be busy this Saturday sprucing up the “Girls’ Gym”…currently known as the “gymnasium.”   Hey Rick can you put something on the alumni page about Project RI Pride. We have a Facebook page and you can put my number up as a contact. Its 309 798 7452. We need people to clean and paint on March 28th

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RIHS Basketball History

Much like what was posted for football, here are records taken from the Winter Program which includes both boys and girls basketball with a small recognition for girls bowling.


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Audubon Class Pictures

Here are some of the class pictures that hung in the hallways of old Audubon Grade School.  They were rescued before its demolition in 2014.

Click for pictures

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RIHS Football History

Here are some things from the fall football program that I thought people would find interesting.  Much of this football history was gathered by former school board president/booster club member, Dick Black.  Click below for viewing.


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Hall of Fame Contributors

Financial and in kind contributions make possible improvements and updates to the Hall of Fame and the following should be recognized for their generosity:

Fred and Cindy Lucasik

Jeff Edwards ’68

Sarah Miers ’05

The Class of ’63

The Class of ’69 ($1,000)

Contributions should be made though the Booster Club and marked “Hall of Fame.”

Thank you for your support.  Ed and Rick

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Thank You Reunion Tour Guides

During reunions, classes often request tours of “The Rock” and the following have have served as tour guides.  Thank you for your time and effort.


Stu Adams ’67

Andy Campbell

Judy Elliott ’70

Shelia Gusse

Rhoda Humphries ’56

Ed Lillis

Doug Miers ’80

Sarah Miers ’05

If you are planning a reunion and would like to schedule a tour, just contact me.


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News from the Alumni Association



A group met today with the goal of reactivating the Alumni Association that was started some time back by Kevin Nolan.  Initially a group met at the Science/Math Academy and organizational ideas were discussed.  The group stopped meeting but the seeds had been planted.


Nothing is “etched in stone” but the current goals revolve around creating a sense of community among our alumni while actively supporting District 41 and its students.  It was agreed that this goal should be pursued with as much spirit and fun as possible.


Many worthwhile support groups exist in District 41.  There are a great many things that could be done to better support the District.   Many alumni would gladly volunteer to do something supportive, but don’t know what needs exist or how to go about it.  We also believe that alumni/friends would benefit greatly in spirit by engaging in supportive activities.  Hopefully the Alumni Association can bridge this gap between existing needs and supportive activities.


Right now the Alumni Association is loosely organized.  Anyone who wants to participate is welcome.  Currently we don’t solicit funds on our behalf as there are several existing groups that do an outstanding job of that already.  In some respects, the current Alumni Association serves as a “guidepost” directing potential contributors to the Booster Club, the Educational Foundation, RIMA, or Development.  See the above pull down menu for more information on these groups.   Contributions to these groups are tax deductible and we can’t think of  any worthwhile endeavor that they don’t already support.  We seek to avoid duplicity and want to promote cooperation as much as possible.   The Alumni Association intends to work in unison and not infringe upon existing groups.


*  Promotion/support and clearing house for class reunions

*  Promotion and maintenance of the Booster Club Brick Project in front of the Field House.

*  Organization and promotion of an Alumni Homecoming….this is in the very early planning stages.  This might create some excitement and serve as a catalyst for some classes to start their own reunions.  Former teachers/coaches could be invited to return and perhaps have a tailgate and/or post game gathering.  It was agreed that the old post football/basketball games gatherings were greatly missed.

*  Alumni/Friends recognition for the newly reconstituted Hall of Fame.   Many alums don’t know that there is a nomination process to honor alums for their accomplishments.  Currently the Educational Foundation handles this.

*  Alumni profiles that contain success stories of graduates who could inspire current students

*  Halls of Fame…the athletic version has pretty much been updated, but nothing exists to honor Fine Arts.  In addition to the above Hall of Fame is there any interest in establishing a Post High School Athletic Hall of Fame for those who have achieved successes after leaving “The Rock.”


We need people to become involved.  Don’t be afraid to make new suggestions or voice opinions.  Attend future meetings or at the very least, stay connected.  Watch for notices on the various online venues.  GO  ROCKS!

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