Class of ’67 Monthly Gatherings-New Site

The Class of 1967 meets the first Thursday of the month 5:30ish at City Limits @ 9th street & Black Hawk Road…all classmates and friends are invited.

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Crimson Crier Online

All issues of the Crimson Crier that were in the archives have now been posted online.   Enjoy the memories.

Hard copies of various years are available for your class reunions by contacting Sarah Miers, Yearbook sponsor at the “Rock”.  Donations to the journalism department are appreciated.

Contact me if you have any missing issues.  Rick

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Hall of Fame Update

No new pictures have been added since this past basketball season, but some plans are being made for the Larry Shriver Memorial.

Ed and I met with Larry’s best friend, Chuck Scott, during his visit to Rock Island this summer.  We made contact with Larry’s sister, Letty, and she kindly put me in touch with Chuck.  We toured the foyer and discussed the possibility of updating/relocating the current display.  As far as we can tell, nothing has been done since 1976 so far as additions.  We are searching for the original criteria and hope to find a way to restore Larry’s memorial with a fitting recognition.  Upon receiving the background and criteria for the Larry Shriver Memorial, I plan on posting it online in an appropriate location.

One possibility for updating the Larry Shriver Memorial is its possible use to highlight past Rocky athletes who have achieved athletic prowess in post high school activities.  Rocky has a rich athletic history and this could be an opportunity to highlight such, however this expansion is only in the discussion/planning stage.  Nothing will be done without the consent of the family and Larry’s contemporaries.

This newest endeavor and the updating of the All State Board are the next phases of the process.  We are currently gathering pictures of recent athletes who have met the qualifications and plan to organize/post new pictures.

Donations to support the updating of the Athletic Hall of Fame may be sent to the RI/Milan Booster Club in care of Rock Island High School.  Please indicate “HoF” on your contribution.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Miers and Ed Lillis

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Hall of Fame Update 2/13/12

Phases one and two of the Hall of Fame Update are now complete.  Enlarged pictures of state champion athletic teams (phase 1) and individual/relay champions (phase 2) are now currently displayed.  The Argus/Dispatch posted a nice article on the update.  Thank you Jeff Wendland.

These updates need financial support as no tax monies are involved in the update.  Tax deductible contributions can be made through the Rock Island/Milan Booster Club.  The music fine arts phase should go through RIMA (Rock Island Music Association) and both should be designated” HoF” for the Halls of Fame.  Donations for Drama/Speech should be designated separately from that of Music as these two divisions of fine arts probably won’t be displayed in the same areas.

Our next endeavor is to update the All State board (phase 3) with pictures of student athletes who have placed in state tournaments or have been voted to 1st teams by print media.  Click here to view the criteria for the Hall of Fame.  Pictures and nameplates are a necessary cost, but we will soon run out of room and will need to build new showcases.

Phase 4 involves a whole new venture.  The Booster Club has established criteria for a Fine Arts Hall of Fame but currently, this doesn’t exist.  Preliminary talks with members of the Music Department have yielded some ideas as to an  appropriate location for this phase such as establishment of a “Fine Arts Alley” between the auditorium and band room on 1st floor or the use of the foyer in the Auditorium.  As stated before, I am a novice in this area and would assist anyone who would like to head this up.  Ed and I have plenty on our plates and would gladly lend support, but if left to us, we probably won’t get to it in our lifetimes.  Kym VandeGriff has recently volunteered to head up Drama/Speech display…thanks Kym.

Phase 5 currently doesn’t exist, but would involve recognition of former Rocky athletic greats who have distinguished themselves after their high school careers.  We have many who have achieved fame on the college and/or professional levels.  This could be a part of the current Larry Shriver Memorial as there has been no update of this since 1975 and the criteria is somewhat vague.  This probably would require the relocation of its current placement to a larger area in the foyer.  This phase is still in its concept stage.

Other phases could include posting of lists of sports teams achieving conference championship status, like what is posted in the stadium for the football/track teams.  It has also been suggested listing of Illinois Hall of Fame Coaches who have worked with Rocky athletes through the years.  We have 12 or so of these coaches.

Again, please consider a donation to either the Booster Club or RIMA to support Rocky’s athletic/fine arts greats.


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Hall of Fame update1/18/12

Progess is being made with the Hall of Fame display update in the field house foyer.  Eight new team pictures honoring past state champion teams will soon be hung in the foyer and 10 new state champion pictures of individuals/relays will be added to the display on the east side.  A digital HoF is partially complete and we’ll have links on this site as soon as I can remember how to do it!  If you click above on District Links>Athletics>Halls of Fame you can see what is thus far posted.  Watch the Argus for details on the grand reopening to take place on February 17th when we play Moline.  The original HoF opened 44 years ago during that same home game.  Rick

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Hall of Fame update 12/1/11

Hall of Fame Update

Ed Lillis/Rick Miers



Originally the Hall of Fame was established by Shorty Almquist. (February 9, 1968 unveiling)

It appears that prior to 1990, only male basketball and football players were placed on the All State Board on the west end of the foyer.

Any athlete/relay that was a state champion is recognized on the east end of the foyer.

A Crimson Crier article indicates that AD Jack Whan updated the foyer at least once.

The Lettermen’s Club under the guidance of Bill Burrus updated the Hall of Fame in the 80’s, we believe.

The Booster Club last updated the Hall of Fame last, but it’s been 2003 since the last update.

In our research, we have discovered that no single entity has been consistently in charge of updating the Hall of Fame.

We obtained a qualifying criteria list for athletes from the Booster Club, but no one knows much about its origin.

In the criteria mentioned above, a provision for the establishment of a Fine Arts component for All State recognition was included.  This presently doesn’t exist.


A growing number of athletes who have met the criteria for inclusion in the Hall of Fame are missing from the display.

An overall concept/design is needed for the foyer display area.  Aside from the All State and the State Champions boards, on the west and east sides respectively of the ticket booth, displays have been placed randomly without serious consideration for future expansion/additions.

The wall directly east of the ticket booth needs reconfiguration including the following:

*Remove/relocate the Larry Shriver Memorial materials.  Additions to it haven’t been made since 1976.  This board could be used for State Champions expansion.

*Remove and relocate the ’79 Stadium Donor Board.

*Remove the old bulletin board on that wall.

*Replace/enlarge the 4 state champions pictures and add the other 4.

A proper location for the enlarged State Champion team pictures needs to be established.  Perhaps on the wall mentioned above or other prominent setting.


A digital Hall of Fame (athletic and fine arts) has been established with links on the high school site.  Postings will soon appear.

Contacts have been made to establish a fine arts component for the Hall of Fame in an area of the school other than the field house foyer.  Ideas include use of the auditorium foyer or establishment of a “Fine Arts Alley” on the 1st floor between the auditorium and the band area.  No firm decision had yet been made as to the best location.

Research on state finishes has been started using the IHSA website.  Former coaches have been contacted in order to furnish more complete/accurate listings.

The current display has been inventoried for missing photos, errors, accuracy, etc.

Bill Gustafson has been consulted for artistic input and aesthetic appeal.  Bill is a noted local artist who has painted murals throughout the QC area.

Information and prices have been gathered on some of the update costs i.e. enlargement of state champion team photos, nameplates, etc.

A criterion for inclusion in the Hall of Fame has been updated.

Current and many past coaches have been contacted for input on the project.

The present display area has been evaluated in the areas of aesthetics and effective use with an eye to future additions and display expansion.

Enlargement of the 8 other state champion team pictures has been tentatively approved for greater visibility.


Add a list of 13 Illinois Hall of Fame Coaches who have worked with RIHS athletes.

Establish a category/display area for those who have attained special status in sports.

*All American status

*College accomplishments

*Professional level accomplishments (Nelson, Bowman, Egerson, Collier, Mickeal)

Add championship boards for sports with undefeated notations (similar to what is posted in the stadium for football and track)

Add “Mythical State Champions” (’44 & ’69 football teams)

Establish a digital “Decades” athletic greats listing.


Some entity from fine arts needs to be recruited for the establishment of that component of a future Hall of Fame.  It currently doesn’t exist and it is too big of a job for Ed and me to start, however we will be glad to provide support so as to avoid reinventing the wheel.

A good place to begin is expanding the digital Hall of Fame.  There are links to both Athletic and Fine Arts Halls of Fame on the high school webpage.

We think it a good idea for each head coach who has an athlete qualifying for the Hall of Fame obtain a picture (it can be a digital image) for posting in the display.  The athlete can supply an 8×10 or a headshot can easily be taken.

A logical place for the posting of coaches’ pictures who have led teams to state championships would be next to the enlarged team pictures instead of in a random row above a bulletin board.

Records and other like materials should be stored in the Athletic Dept so that the next update runs more smoothly.  Unless there is a reason to the contrary, the Fine Arts should be stored there too.

All future relays that obtain Hall of Fame status should get their pictures taken together to save cost/space.

Due to its close proximity to each other, we believe that the Hall of Fame updating and the Boosters’ Brick Project can be mutually beneficial to each other somehow.

Proper communications should be established that keeps ALL involved in the loop.  This includes custodian/maintenance people as well as coaches/administrators.  Too many times things are planned and dumped into the lap of people who should have had prior input.

It is not our intent to diminish any current recognition of team/individual displays but rather update to bring about balance in recognition of all who have qualified.

It is our opinion that anyone who has qualified for the Hall of Fame should remain.  I have led reunion groups on tours and this is the most popular stop for most attendees.  Expansion will create the opportunity for closer ties with our alumni and perhaps inspire future students to attain that level of accomplishment.

At some time in the future, a press release needs to be created to advertise the updating efforts.  Print and TV media as well as online sources such as the website, Twitter, Facebook, etc. should all be used.  This would help in soliciting funds and help obtain missing pictures, etc. from the public.

We need a method where supporters can make tax-deductible contributions easily….and not just for this project.

Here is the site where we have posted pictures and commentary on the future updating.

Respectfully submitted,

Ed and Rick


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Field House Foyer Update

Plans are being made to update the Hall of Fame located in the Rocky Field House Foyer.  If anyone is interested in the project, there are plenty of opportunities to help.  Here’s a look at the current display and some very preliminary project ideas.

Photo Tour of foyer

Updated ALL STATE CRITERIA for recognition in Hall of Fame

If interested in the project, contact me.  Rick

8/3/11 Update

Currently we are cross checking sources to see who is eligible for the Hall of Fame (see criteria link above) and updating lists.  Plans are being made to have a digital version listing all who qualify from the 1890’s to the present.  This will take time to sift through the IHSA archives, but eventually we’ll have this done.  Contact me with names you believe qualify for recognition using the established criteria.


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