I’m hoping this might generate some interest in the site and maybe just entertain alumni and friends.  I often lead reunion tours of “The Rock” and have the opportunity to hear stories from graduates about their high school years.   I thought I’d share some of those here.  This might fall flat on its face, but what the heck.  Send me anything appropriate or maybe post them yourselves with the blog function.


Here’s something to start with.  I guided a tour for the Class of ’59 and was told the name of the first student (from their class) to jump in the newly constructed pool-I assume without permission.  Send me that name!

During my teaching of my Recent American History Unit, I’d bring in yearbooks from the 50’s-70’s for an assignment analyzing “then and now”.  Students would often ask why there wasn’t a Homecoming King during some of the years.  Only queen candidates were voted upon.  I always thought it was out of respect for a deceased king candidate and hypothesized it had something to do with the name on the plaque on the football scoreboard.  Does anyone have any information on this?